MM: Vegan Potato Curry

Can we just say YUM!!

For the Love of Food

I found this recipe ages ago and recently rediscovered it as I sorted through my various recipe collections.  I finally caved and signed up for Evernote and fell in love and started adding all of my recipes to it.  The husband tried to convert me for years, and I resisted out of stubbornness my commitment to OneNote for my grad school notes.  I ultimately had to admit that Evernote has some significant advantages over OneNote.  It’s easier to clip websites, search text, tag notes, and even share notebooks with the husband.  You win, dear.

Ok, ok, enough of the love fest for Evernote!

You might be confused with the sharing of an Indian recipe right before Christmas.  What is she thinking?  It’s the contrast.  I have a tradition of chowing down on anti-holiday cuisine before the holidays to make those special dishes even more special.  I really love my stuffed…

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New Year, New Dawn

Hello lovelys,

I have (very regretfully) recently become so involved with busying myself that I have abandoned my commitment to this blog. Rest assured, I am back, and making time to stay.

Since my last post, many things have happened. I recently spoke of a fairy-tail like excursion to my motherland New Zealand. With all of the beautiful things I did while there, I came home feeling at a loss and indulged in a sort of self-pity vegetative state (and eating everything in sight). I began a mental and physical detox along with this blog, and sought after a hearty recovery. All was turning upwards from that point. Halloween crawled around the corner and scurried away, and Christmas was welcomed (and dreaded?) with the promise of nothing to do and somewhat awkward family encounters.

It is indeed finally the beloved New Year; and with it new promises, friendships, and lessons to be made. As it has only been one whole month of this New Year, I would not be nervous to say that many many things have already erupted (and ended..).

I do not like to post the names of people I have relationships with (friendly and more so or less than) for privacy reasons. Just so everyone is aware of my breathtaking ( 🙂 ) story ability.

My second semester classes have begun, and very unexpectedly at that. I thoroughly enjoy my classes at the moment and am pushing myself with every inch of motivation I can conjure up to do well. I am continuing (and really really enjoying) my lovely gym excursions. I practice yoga frequently. I am also a vegetarian (I have been for about a year now) and am exploring new raw, vegan, and vegetarian methods of cooking (and actually cooking!).

Which, brings me to a really cool thing I would love to share. I recently decided to have a (pre-conceived) ‘ladies night out’ with a few girlfriends of mine. Usually when I go out I subconsciously plan to meet a (totally awesome, just like me, super hottie) guy companion, and skip off over the hills in the beaming sunlight with him. This time though (very surprisingly) I did not plan for anything of the sort. Internally I was just excited for an honestly good night with my ladies. OF COURSE, as we get to our destination, having fun with each other, we happen to run into some guys one my ladies happened to know. As if it was destined to be scripted in a movie, things slowing came into place, and by the end of the night I found myself googly-eyed, with reciprocated feelings (and a little more than feelings going on) with one of the guy friends. I WAS REALLY NOT looking for that that night. Is that how the universe decide’s to play games with all of the human pieces on Earth?

Continuing that frenzy with night-out boy was an abrupt (illogical) more-than-friendship that as usual, resulted in heartbreak (with me on the receiving end). I really do not know why I was hit so hard with the love bug in the last few days of this whirl-winding MTF (more-than-friendship); only that in the beginning I was ready to walk away without batting an eyelash.

After spending today in a self-pity party for uno (plus my dear kitties of two) I stumbled upon a book I somehow managed to forget about. The enticing book is called “When the Chocolate Runs Out” by Lama Yeshe. This gem is a wise book on practicing Buddhism by an extremely happy and free man. While glancing through the Table of Contents I noticed a chapter called “The Meaning of Emptiness.” As I was feeling everything but empty, I was inclined to read (just peek at even) this chapter. In the small 13 pages my mood changed as if I was a completely different person. (There are chapters on a little bit of everything, including Attachment, Meditation, and self-analyzing). Basically, I took from it that every emotion we feel, every situation we have an opinion about, it is the mind controlling that. Nothing is as it seems to oneself.

If you are interested in Buddhism or are even looking for a new way to devour into your own mind, this book definitely has been an eye opener for me. Let me know if you have braved though and decided to spark your senses with this delightful little book.

Well, t is sleepy time for me! If anyone ever has any questions for me or wants to chat, do not hesitate to get in contact with me!

xx elle

New day, New dawn

Since Halloween is over (and so is my eventful ‘detox’) it is time to begin some new things for me. I believe blogs are a really intense way for people vent. You don’t have any (initial) judgement and you can literally type anything into your post drafts. (hmm). While I was away at state for my ecstatically drunken weekend, some pretty rad things happened! and for some reason I really felt like I had to tell everyone about everything.. (weird????)(yes). So I am deciding to keep personal things, personal. If someone really doesn’t have anything to do with the private stuff, maybe they shouldn’t know about it? (worth a try right).

I hope everyone had a terrific Halloween! Halloween is a time for people to casually morph into anything they desire and make awesome friends while drunk, sober, you name it. I love looking at costume photos so if anyone has some good ones they would like to share, let me know! I definitely have some.

And now, since it is November we are waaaaay closer to CHRISTMAS (best holiday ever) (we also have some awesome new stuff coming out at work! Lush).

So, lets discuss motivation. I definitely feel as though I have been lacking it in ALL  aspects in my life. Classes, working out, even taking care of myself (sigh). I have decided to change gyms, and I absolutely love it. I am going to try to spend a lot more time in the library, because it feels as though that’s the only place I can get anything done. Best of all, they are all in the same general area so it’s perfect for me. I would LOVE love love, if you have ever felt like you were blindly sliding down into the land of the lazy and you managed to claw your way out, you would tell me how you did it! There are always different things that work for everyone.

For myself, some things I have noticed that are helping to scoot me along:

  • Lists. Its kind of weird for me because I’m so free, willy nilly with everything but maybe some order really is a good thing! I keep an agenda (and actually use it ☺). I write classes, homework, work, gym, ect in it.
  • I’ve decided to tell myself to MAKE time for things that I want to do rather than to “find” time. (excuses).
  • Keeping busy. Sounds like it would do the opposite, right? But I’ve noticed that when I am always on the move, I feel like I want to keep being on the move. “an object in motion, stays in motion” right physics?
  • Prep! As silly as it sounds, I prep everything. Outfits, meals, drinks, you name it. It keeps stringing me along when I find something I have prepared (and what a great feeling it is when you have a fully prepped, healthy meal waiting for you in the fridge).

I have also found a wonderful blogger (from my home-country!!!!) named Gala Darling. She wrote a WONDERFUL article on motivation. (go to link ☺). I adore her and her “radical self love.” If you ever feel down in the dumps she will manage to awaken your senses with her enchanting tales and wise words of self-love!

Well, until next time, keep going everyone, no matter what you’re working for!

xx elle

Almost Halloween…already?

Well, it really is that time of year. In American culture at least, Halloween is a pretty intense holiday. (ie for me- slutty college dress up weekends and stealing sisters candy) >> so not too bad.

Detox has been going well. I have been focusing on drinking a lot more water than i have been and I literally feel more hydrated. Celery and hummus has been my savior thus far. Anytime I want a light snack, i go to that. Anytime I crave salty, I go to that. Very tasteful and very healthy, good! I have also been making a lot of smoothies which are everyone’s favorite so no complaints there.

I recently was a member of Planet Fitness gyms. I have no complaints for them, there super reasonably priced and it definitely worked for me. After finally deciding to try a free three-day pass for a gym that is next to my school AND work, I fell in love. There is a pool, juice bar, inclusive classes, a sauna, you name it. $20 more than what i pay and I love it. I am very excited to into that.

Now as well all know, Halloween is near! Break out the cat ears ladies and listen up. I absolutely love baking and cooking when you are to make something that is healthy and happy you feel so much better about it.

As previously mentioned I am a lush employee and frequent with the website, blog, ect. Last fall season I made awesome vegan cookies found on our blog and want to share with you!

LUSH-Inspired Edibles: Vegan Pumpkin Pie Cookies


1 cup creamy almond butter

½ cup pumpkin puree

¼ cup pure maple syrup

2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

¼ teaspoon sea salt

optional: ½ cup dark chocolate chips

Step 1: Preheat your oven to 350F, and line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a Silpat.

Step 2: Combine all of the ingredients in a medium bowl, and mix until a thick batter is formed. If adding dark chocolate chips, fold them in last. Note: Because this batter is egg-free, feel free to taste-test it at this point, and adjust the flavors to your preference.

Step 3: Using a tablespoon or cookie scoop, drop the batter onto the lined baking sheet, and gently press each one with a wet fork (to prevent sticking) to flatten.

Step 4: Bake at 350F for 12-15 minutes, until the edges are golden.

Step 5: Allow to cool completely before using a spatula to remove from the baking sheet. Serve immediately, or for a firmer cookie, chill before serving.

I got about 1 dozen and a half cookies. Definitely something to warm you up while spooking around!

Let me know how they turn out if you make them!

xxelle happy halloween


What is a normal day. What is really supposed to happen on a day-to-day basis.

I guess being your average college student kind of changes what that (kind of?) is supposed to look like.

Our what seems to be “off days” might happen to just to give us a little excitement in our life, right? When things don’t go the way we expect them to it may just be the universes way of saying hi, and everything isn’t all about us. Hmm.

Beginning my detox, was a little rough. I mean, quitting cold turkey is not for everyone right? Maybe food is more of an asset in my life than i thought. Day one of detox started very nicely. I had tea, and a yummy fruit salad for breakfast and was feeling a little light-headed by noon ( which is expected when your food source is fruit and veggies instead of carbs on carbs). When I was off to work i was prepared with a hearty bag of chopped peppers to dip in hommus, and a cute little bag of nuts to go with it. Sounds good right? Well, I guess not. I was sent away from work (scheduling cock-up apparently) and managed to find myself treating me and my mother to delicious lunch in a quiet cafe at the mall.

I work at Lush, just so you are aware (and I absolutely love it).

It really was a good lunch and I love love love when I find places I adore as much as that, but bad me! It was nice to catch up with her (and have a stressful conversation about where my future will be hopefully taking me; which is a whole different conversation in itself). Entirely giving up, I shamefully proceeded to our extremely variable snack table and picked and chewed anything and everything all night long at my evening work meeting.

Also just to make everyone aware, I DO NOT in any way, shape, or form publicize or worship any types of malnutrition (refusing to eat, binging and throwing  up, ect.) as that is very bad for your body. I am focusing on detoxing my body, but I am eating constantly so my body can get the proper fats, nutrients, and minerals needed. I love my body and want to better it for already doing so much for me!

Anyways, I have come to realize that this will take time. For my mental and physical detox. I am trying to involve myself in more homework and study and becoming an overall better communicator, and trying to indulge in all the awesome health and fitness pages on instagram (which have actually been a really good place for motivation).

I just hope to become a little more focused on all of this because this weekend is Halloween! AND (drumroll) I will be staying with a friend at her lovely large university for the weekend! So a getaway with no worries, sounds like my kind of thing.

Which will also constitute for a weekend of a lot of things that go way against my detox, so it will also be a little break from that. (naughty, yes; but much needed).

I am a social person. I love people; and that is completely okay if you feel the same or are indifferent.

Well on that note, my people are calling.

xx elle

Detox: inside and out

To get this blog out on a roll here, I have devoted to work around my life for a week with detox.

I am pledging to eat and drink mostly a raw vegan diet (maybe a few exceptions with exersize?) And do morning and night yoga every single day this week.

In my mind, like many others I have spoken to about this, i feel as though I know exactly what my mind and body need and want. Yet, lately I have been feeling very frustrated and sad and have no idea why. I recently got back from a sad and happy family vacation to my homeland of New Zealand. It was a wonderful two and a half month family excursion of friendly bar hopping, and having an enticing vacation fling. Of course, things never end the way you picture them to. The main “excuse” for venturing to the other side of the world, leaving our summer behind into the nippy cold, was to have more time with my mothers sister. Like a second mother to me, it was a little devastating to see her the way she was and I somewhat pushed aside the whole idea of spending the most time with her possible after meeting New Zealand boy. I know, I know, it sounds awful. But as i have been quickly learning the heart and mind sometimes don’t share the same thought and doing the wrong thing happens (ouch).

So, upon my returning I was a pretty big mess. As of today I have almost completely fallen out of touch with New Zealand boy (besides the occasional snapchat-literally that’s it) and my beloved aunty has passed. I have some regrets, and then I really made some of the best memories of my life. I spent some time and did some awesome things with my family, and made some new friends along the way.

I do however now feel like I have completely lost myself a midst the chaos. Classes have started back up; I am in my second year of a small community college which I feel like I am reliving a more awful version of my high school life. I have lost the energy and excitement to do anything and have fallen out with a lot of my friends because I “just don’t really care.” Sleeping has become a getaway and I have come to the realization that I need to get out. I hear songs, smell a lingering scent, see something: all that spark a little memory inside of me from the trip and instead of spreading a smile over my face it scares me, jolts me to a unnerving place.

That is why I have decided to detox. I need to clear my head and my body (I really have just been eating anything in sight and think that it might have a little part in my awfulness). Doing yoga gives me time to just think, and relax. I wanted to blog about all of this because one, I am considering in majoring in journalism (???), and two, I think it would be best to get it all out there, as scary as it might be. Apparently keeping your feelings bottled up for a long period of time is not really the way to go.

Well, bonne chance to all (said by the French? double major for me by the way) I will be updating every day to keep MYSELF on track. I hope someone finds some entertainment in this, or if you are are feeling the same way- you really are not alone.

xx elle